Election Board Members

The Board members nominate and vote upon a Chairperson and Secretary. They are tasked with administrative duties to ensure the Tribal Council election meets all deadlines. Presently, our seven-member Board consists of:

Debra Haynes


David McLevain

Board Member

Ernestine Boyd

Board Member

Jennifer Enos-Lalo

Board Member

Zach Doka

Board Member

Lavina Mclevain

Board Member

Contact Us

If you have any general questions for the Election Board, please contact us at 480-789-7153.

Office Location

Dr. Clinton M. Pattea Tribal
Government Offices Building

17661 E. Yavapai Rd.
Fort McDowell, AZ 85264


Fort McDowell Yavapai
Nation Election Board

P.O. Box 20109
Fountain Hills, AZ 85269

Contact Details

Telephone: 480-789-7153
Email: Electionboard@fmyn.org