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Below you’ll find a selection of the most common questions that get asked of the Fort McDowell Tribal Court; if you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us to submit your question online, or call 480-789-7604.
Can I take traffic school for my ticket?
No. The tribal court does not offer traffic school. Your options to take care of the matter are 1.) contest the citation or 2.) pay the fine.
How do I ask for a payment plan?
Your request for a payment plan must be in writing and filed with the court, you must include how much you can pay, how often you can pay and the date you want to start the payments and also give a reason why you’re unable to pay in full.
How do I ask for a payment extension?
Your request for a payment extension must be in writing and filed with the court, you must state the date that you’re able to pay the fine in full and also give a reason why you’re unable to pay.
What if I want to contest my ticket?
If you want to contest your ticket, please let us know in writing. Send your request to the court before your arraignment date, so that we can schedule a civil trial and send notice to all parties.
Can I pay my ticket over the phone?

No. Unfortunately the tribal court is not equipped to take payments over the phone. You may pay your ticket online at www.citepayusa.com.

What if I missed my court date?
If you fail to appear for your arraignment for a civil traffic ticket, a judgment will be entered against you and a fine, default fee and/or collection fee will be sent to collections for action. If you fail to appear for arraignment on a criminal matter a warrant will issued for your arrest.
What if I am a minor (under 18 years of age)?
If you are a juvenile (under 18 years of age) you must appear in court, with your parent or guardian at the date and time stated in your citation.
What if I need to reschedule my arraignment date?
If you need to reschedule your hearing date, please file your request in writing with the court.
How do I pay my ticket?

You can pay your ticket online at www.citepayusa.com, or pay with a credit or debit card at the clerk’s office. You can also mail a cashier’s check or money order.

How do I pay a Bond?

All Bond payments must be made by Cashier’s Check or Money Order at the Tribal Court. *We do not work with bail bond companies*

How much is my fine?

Please see our Traffic Fines page, all civil traffic fines and fees are listed there.

I just want to take care of the ticket, How do I do that?
If you would like to take care of your ticket or pay in full before your court date. You may you may pay online at www.citepayusa.com or if you would rather pay by mail, please use our pay by mail form located on our forms page.
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