The Fort McDowell Police Department Detective Section is comprised of two detectives, supervised by a Detective Sergeant. They are on-call 24/7 to investigate any major incidents that might occur within the Nation.

Detectives are required to attend a 3 month Federal Criminal Investigator’s Training Program located in Glynco, Georgia to maintain their position as a Detective.


The Detectives are responsible for initiating investigations and following up on cases involving violations of Tribal, State and Federal laws. Detectives make arrests, collect evidence, file reports, testify in court and perform other detailed duties as needed. They ensure that all cases are investigated and completed.

Detectives are also responsible for preparing each of the cases for prosecution in Tribal, State and/or Federal Court. The Detectives manage the evidence and property room, ensuring that all evidence collected as a result of an investigation is submitted to a crime laboratory for drug identification, latent print analysis, questioned documents, DNA, etc.

In addition, as the Fort McDowell Police Department is actively involved in community policing, Detectives participate in various community events such as Fun Runs and Walks, school functions and the Citizen’s Police Academy.

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In emergency situations always call 9-1-1. For other police related matters call the Fort McDowell Police Department at 480-837-1091.