The Fort McDowell Police Department is part of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, a progressive people seeking a safe and secure community. Our goal is to set and maintain the highest standards of an efficient and professional police department, gaining community support by using our diversity to work together to achieve a safe, crime free environment.

Using the principles of community oriented policing, our mission is to provide public safety and law enforcement services through community partnerships to enhance the quality of life for the Yavapai Nation. We value Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork and Leadership.

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In emergency situations always call 9-1-1. For other police related matters call the Fort McDowell Police Department at 480-837-1091. Or call the TIPS Line on 480-789-7505.

Enforcing Tribal,
State, & Federal Laws

We are a twenty-four hour law enforcement agency responsible for enforcement of tribal, state, and federal laws. Our officers are certified by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards & Training Board (AZPOST) and hold a special law enforcement commission (certification) with the Bureau of Indian Affairs – Office of Justice Services. We investigate all tribal, state and federal crimes and present our findings to the tribal, state and federal court jurisdictions as appropriate. We hold a partnership with other tribal, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

We place the utmost emphasis on efficiency and professionalism. Starting with the Chief of Police, our goal is to be a professional police department that is responsive to the needs of the community.

We carefully select our employees and hold them to high standards of professionalism and integrity. We endeavor to maintain the mission of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, which is to “Provide a Safe and Secure Community.” Thank you for visiting our site.

Police Department Contact Points

Francis Bradley Sr
Chief of Police

Lezlie Thompson
Detective Sergeant

Stephanie Beebe
Administrative Sergeant

Police Department Coverage

Over a thousand residents occupy the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. In addition to our community, our coverage includes visitors & guests at:

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Eagle View RV Resort

Ba’Ja Gas Station

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CALL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY FOR Life Threatening Emergencies & Emergency Medical Attention.
For other police related matters call the Fort McDowell Police Department at 480-837-1091.